Get to Know the Areas of Learning and Development from Preschool Jakarta Barat

Get to Know the Areas of Learning and Development from Preschool Jakarta Barat

As one of the best international schools, Global Sevilla provides academic programs for young learners. In this program, the children are expected to develop some skills through fun activities. At this age, young learners are growing rapidly across four main areas of development. To know more about the learning development of preschool Jakarta Barat, read these further explanations.

Four Areas Learning Development of Preschool Program

Physical (Motor) Development

Motor development concern with the physical strengtheningĀ  and growth of a childā€™s bones, muscles, and potential ability to move surroundings. This development area is divided into two categories, namely gross motor and fine motor. Gross motor skills involve the motor development of muscles that enable them to jump, run, walk, and skip.

To develop these skills, Global Sevilla provides a curriculum that supports this learning. By learning some fun activities like dancing, young learners can develop this skill. While the fine motor skills refers to children’s small movement, including their finger and hand. To advance this skill, they will learn coloring and singing with fun practice.

Communication and Language Development

Communication and language development is about more than speaking or talking. It means all the different ways a child communicates and understands not only part of spoken words. At this preschool Jakarta Barat, a young learner taught by reading. It is one of the best ways to boost communication and language development.

As young learners, seeing pictures and hearing words can help them understand two are connected. It arranges the foundation of the ability for speech. The teacher at Global Sevilla preschool uses the teaching method by reading some fun stories. Besides, the teacher also teaches the students by dictating some words to develop good language skills.

Cognitive Development

At this Global Sevilla School, the students also teach to develop cognitive skills. In this area, the children will develop their ability to think, explore, and figure things out around them. To develop this skill, the teacher uses several methods like playing simple games, naming the colors and shapes, giving simple directions, and teaching how to count.

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development also become the focuses of preschool programs. In this preschool Jakarta Barat, the student needs to understand who they are, what they are feeling, and interacting with other people. To advance this skill the teacher taught young learners by showing the act of patients, so the children can imitate them.

All in all, Global Sevilla preschool is the best option for parents who want to develop their children’s skills. In this case, they will learn fun activities to develop four main areas such as cognitive, social and emotional, communication and language, and physical or motor development to get the best education.



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